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AIDGC Membership

AIDGC is moving to online processing of membership registration and renewals. There are a variety of different membership levels and benefits.

To become a new member, you will need to start with the payment process for Associate Membership and then follow the registration instructions, which includes what documents to send for Board approval. The AIDGC Board meet on the third Monday of each month and review all paid registrations and evidence. Once approved, you will be notified of your Associate Membership and your details will be added to the AIDGC website’s list of Associate Members.

Associate Members are notified of upcoming relevant training on AIDGC competencies and once completing and passing the assessment process will be added to the AIDGC website’s list of Consultant Members.

Membership payment process

Upon completion of the payment, you will receive a confirmation message that the payment has been processed and your registration will be saved on the AIDGC website.

Once your membership is confirmed, you will be sent a link to login to the website, members section to view content related to your membership level.

Please use the PayPal invoice as your tax Invoice for GST purposes.

AIDGC’s fee structure

  • recognises that members outside Sydney are not as easily able to attend the annual conference (as required by By-Law
  • provides an incentive for younger members to join and also for their employers to support them

Fees for 2022-2023 (all GST inclusive)

A. Members and Associates (less than 80km from Sydney):

  • Pay fee $660 (includes conference):

B. Members and Associates (elsewhere):

  • Pay fee $380 (without conference):
  • Pay fee $660 (including conference):

C. Student (if aged less than 25 years at 1st of July or full-time student):

  • Pay fee $50 (without conference):
  • Pay fee $280 (including conference):

D. Retired Members:

  • Renew $0 (without conference)
  • Pay fee $230 (including conference):

E. Honorary Members:

  • Renew $0 (includes conference)

F. Fellows (less than 80km from Sydney):

  • Pay fee $805 (includes conference):

G. Fellows (elsewhere):

  • Pay fee $525 (without conference):