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Our Board

Our Board

The Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants not-for-profit is run by a Board consisting of elected members.

Board Members for 2021/2022

President: Frank Mendham

Vice-President: W.V.Peter Hunt

Vice-President: Delene Kock

Secretary/Treasurer: Christopher Flannery

Committee Members:

  • Leonard Gawecki
  • Keith Sharp
  • Renton Parker
  • Michael Jarvin
  • Jason Costa
  • Tim Nightingalee



Finance Sub Committee

To assist the secretary/treasurer in preparation of the budget and development of forward financial plans
to sustain the future activities of the institute, to co-ordinate auditing of accounts.
– Chris Flannery & Tim Nightingale

Technical Sub Committee

To co-ordinate the review and respond to draft Australian Standards, and draft regulation, to liaise with
WorkCover on technical matters, to arrange and administer the ongoing Technical Improvement Program and occasional seminars, to coordinate technical content for the web site, and to oversee production of technical information for the Institute, and to provide
technical support to the Examination Sub-Committee.
– Peter Hunt, Frank Mendham, Renton Parker & Delene Kock

Membership Exmination Sub Committee

To develop training and examination appropriate to risk assessment and performance based regulation.
– Ross Underwood, Peter Hunt, Frank Mendham, Renton Parker & Delene Kock

Marketing Sub Committee

To develop and oversee the implementation of the Institutes Marketing Plan, including member communications/newsletter.
– Barry Bone

Queensland Sub-Committee

To coordinate the start up of the Queensland chapter of the Institute
– Marco Buttini, Keith Sharp, Delene Kock & Frank Mendham

Victorian Sub-Committee

To coordinate the start up of the Victorian chapter of the Institute.
– Ben Phillips & Richard Greenwood

Conference Sub-Committee

To plan and manage the annual AIDGC conference
– Peter Hunt, Chris Flannery, Jason Costa & Sarah Torrington

Past Presidents

Year President
2002/2003 Christopher Flannery
2003/2004 Christopher Flannery
2004/2005 Christopher Flannery
2005/2006 Richard Hall
2006/2007 Richard Hall
2007/2008 Richard Hall
2008/2009 W.V.Peter Hunt
2009/2010 W.V.Peter Hunt
2010/2011 W.V.Peter Hunt
2011/2012 Leonard Gawecki
2012/2013 Leonard Gawecki
2013/2104 Leonard Gawecki
2014/2015 Scott Young
2015/2016 Scott Young
2016/2017 Scott Young
 2017/2018  Renton Parker
 2018/2019  Renton Parker
2019/2020 Renton Parker
2020/2021 Frank Mendham