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Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants

AIDGC logoAIDGC is here to help you keep your workplace safe as well as to avoid financial losses, insurance problems and the harsh penalties that can result from an accident. AIDGC is an independent industry body that gives you access to over 50 professionally qualified members.

AIDGC is recommended by many regulatory authorities including SafeWork NSW.

Dangerous Goods

We cover all chemicals, variously called “hazardous chemicals”, “dangerous goods”, “hazardous substances”, “hazardous materials” and the like, depending on the applicable legislation. We also cover dangerous goods which are articles, such as batteries.

Hazardous chemicals or dangerous goods exist in almost all businesses, big and small. Put simply, they are substances that may pose an immediate hazard to people, property or the environment.

With strict, recently changed regulations, harsh penalties and serious dangers, if you don’t understand your risks and meet your legal responsibilities, the consequences can be catastrophic – businesses can go under, staff can get injured and people may even die.

AIDGC consulting members can assist with all aspects of hazardous chemicals or dangerous goods in transport, storage, use and management.

Understand the risks. Meet your responsibilities.

What are dangerous goods?

To be sure you are using, storing and handling your dangerous goods safely, you need to understand the properties of a wide range of chemicals. Failing to manage the risks can have dramatic consequences. Find out more about dangerous goods

Where can I find a qualified consultant?

AIDGC Member consultants have met requirements that include formal competency assessment in the storage, handling and use of dangerous goods. Find a consultant

How can I become an AIDGC member?

Apply online for membership of AIDGC at Corporate, Consultant, Associate or Student level. All applications require Board approval. Become a member