Member Consultants

AIDGC Member consultants have met entrance requirements that include formal competency assessment and satisfying the AIDGC Board of an appropriate background of competence in the storage, handling and use of those classes/divisions of dangerous goods which are listed in the membership register below.

Selecting your consultant

Whether for once-off advice or for ongoing projects, dangerous goods consultants can work with you to determine all the specific characteristics and requirements of your site, from storage and transport to staff training – everything you need to make your workplace compliant and safe.

They can also bring you up to date with all the relevant laws and practices and then keep you informed as things change.

Find a qualified consultant to suit your requirements
  • Use the search box to find a consultant by competency or by the area that they operate in, or both.
  • Map view lets you see the consultants’ business addresses. Zoom in for detail of multiple listings. Hover over a location to see consultant names. Select the consultant’s name for full details.
  • Browse the consultant listings below the map. Select the consultant’s name for full details, including individual location map.