AIDGC Associate Membership

Join the peak Industry organisation and is the ONLY organisation offering professional assistance to members working in the Hazardous Substances and Dangerous Goods industries.

The first step in joining the AIDGC is to apply for Associate Membership

Associate Members Benefits Include
  • Your details will be listed on the AIDGC website’s list of Associate Members;
  • You will receive an AIDGC Membership Certificate.
  • You will receive the What’s Happening Newsletter monthly.
  • You will receive the HAZMAT notes quarterly.
  • You will receive information about the upcoming Annual Conference, Workshops and Seminars.
Associate Membership of the AIDGC is open to:
  • Persons who demonstrate an interest in the aims of the AIDGC and in the storage, handling and use of selected classes/divisions of dangerous goods
  • But who have not completed formal competency assessment to become Full Consulting AIDGC Members.
  • Within its rules of membership, AIDGC does not recognise Associate Members as being eligible to consult or provide expert advice.
  • Persons who no longer wish to maintain AIDGC Membership status because of retirement.
Process To Become An AIDGC Associate Member
  • To become a new member, you will need to complete the application form below for Associate Membership.
  • Pay the appropriate membership fee.
  • Provide documents of professional evidence of experience or interest in the dangerous goods industry. These include relevant qualifications and curriculum vitae.
  • The AIDGC Board meet on the third Monday of each month and review all paid registrations and evidence.
  • Once approved, you will be notified of your Associate Membership and emailed your AIDGC Associate membership certificate.