Our Mission Statement

The Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants has the following aims:
  • To provide a professional body to represent the membership of dangerous goods consultants
  • To establish an incorporated body to set standards for the conduct of members, in the form of a Code of Ethics and a Code of Practice to which membership compliance is required
  • To provide a system of ensuring the competence of dangerous goods consultants through examination and assessment of member consultants – this competence being in both the application of prescriptive standards and in risk management based methodology
  • To provide a focus for dangerous goods consultants throughout Australasia to contribute to the development and review of Australian and joint Australian/New Zealand standards and codes of practice, and to co-ordinate comment on proposed Regulations
  • To provide and promote an ongoing program of professional development for member consultants (including, but not limited to specialised training forums and publications)
  • To benefit the community as a whole by providing information on how they may access a pool of specialised knowledge on dangerous goods and other related matters

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Formation of AIDGC

From the early 1990s, dangerous goods consultants were accredited by WorkCover NSW (now SafeWork NSW) via the prevailing DG Licensing Scheme to provide statutory sign-off for Licence application plans of storage depots for dangerous goods (DGs).

With the generous support of the then WorkCover NSW, the AIDGC was set up in 2001. Member consultants, who, following successful completion of a designated entrance exam and admittance criteria, were recognised by WorkCover NSW as competent to similarly sign-off compliant DG depot plans, thereby permitting continuation of the original Scheme until introduction of the new regulatory regime. AIDGC now has members who consult nationwide and members in most states and territories.

The AIDGC is an incorporated professional body which:
  • Sets and administers standards of conduct and competency of members as documented in the AIDGC Code of Ethics and Code of Practice.
  • Requires members to update and demonstrate specialised knowledge, expertise and experience in dangerous goods matters. Continued membership includes competency reassessment.
  • Contributes to the development and review of dangerous goods Regulations, codes of practice and industry standards.
  • Provides and requires mandatory ongoing training and development for members, including increasing knowledge of, and expertise in, the conduct of DG hazard assessment and related risk management.
  • Communicates the views of and information on the AIDGC and its members via its Web site, via What’s Happening and coordinates enquiries to members.

As each state or territory adopted the National Standard (NOHSC:1015), the client’s need for a consultant has changed from that of primarily certifying the compliance of storages to a far more comprehensive one.

A consultant now assists the employer or occupier with his legal obligations of hazard identification, risk assessment and control, not only of storages, but of all processing and handling of dangerous goods.
Dangerous Goods consultants can assist with employee consultation, provide training, and prepare operating and emergency procedures, all of which are mandatory. Consultants can provide solutions which are both safe and economical.

Allied with introduction of the new dangerous goods regulatory requirements in NSW, AIDGC:
  • Provides on-going seminar and workshop training for members.
  • Hosts an annual seminar which is attended by members of the AIDGC and representatives of Australian Government and Industry. These seminars have provided and will continue to provide a forum for presenting latest developments in dangerous goods practice via a collaborative, networking environment.
  • Has provided representatives on the Consultative Committees with various Australian state and federal regulators to consider Draft Regulations, codes of practice and public comments.
  • Has formally reviewed and commented on draft legislation and codes of practice.
  • Is delivering an on-going business and communication program on behalf of AIDGC members.
  • The benefits of engaging AIDGC members include:
  • Receiving the considerable hands-on expertise and experience of members in advising on all aspects of the safe storage and handling of dangerous goods, hazardous substances and chemicals which include hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control.
  • Responsiveness to client needs and providing value for clients, resulting from most member consultants being principals of their own business.
  • Dealing with professionals who continue targeted training and development, so that they are the best placed individuals to advise on the latest developments in all technical and regulatory requirements for ensuring occupational health and safety and in particular dangerous goods safety.
  • Support from an independent professional group who have unparalleled, diverse industrial experience in DGs, who collaborate and can assemble expert teams which offer peripheral skills to meet clients’ needs.
  • Individuals who conduct their businesses to the highest ethical, commercial and technical standards.
  • Historical and on-going affiliations with controlling regulatory agencies and professional organisations.