Do I Need A Consultant

Quick Hazard Risk Assessment

From hazard identification and risk management through to the latest knowledge of chemicals, Australian Standards and legislation, safely handling dangerous goods in business can be complex. Without expert advice, the potential adverse consequences may be serious.

Can you be sure your business is safe and compliant?

If you don’t have in-house experts to keep up to date with the many standards and changing legislation, without any outside help it can be really hard to get it right.

There are many safety regulations that apply to your workplace. This quiz looks at some of the measures your workplace needs to have implemented. Ask yourself these questions. If you’re unsure or answer no, you should contact a professional for advice.

Do you understand all your legal responsibilities? YesNo

Have you identified and listed all the dangerous goods in your workplace? YesNo

Do you know the risks of using, storing and transporting dangerous goods? YesNo

Have you trained your staff in the risk of use, storage, handling and transport? YesNo

Do you have documented Emergency and Risk Management plans in place to protect your people and business? YesNo

Do you have all the documentation: manifest, register, placarding, risk assessment, emergency plans, and training records? YesNo

Congratulation, your response is positive. However, if your unsure please contact one of our professionals for advice.

You should contact one of our professionals for advice.

Not only will these measures help protect your people and your workplace from harm, they will also help you avoid business losses, future insurance problems and the harsh penalties that can apply should an accident occur.

If you’re not completely sure about any of these issues, contact a qualified independent professional for advice.