AIDGC Corporate Members and Sponsors

The Australasian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants (AIDGC) works closely with a varied but very specific group of Businesses with two things in common.

They all strive to provide a safe place of work and they all manage Hazardous Chemicals in one form or another be it Manufacture, Transport, Storage and/or Handling.

This presents an opportunity for businesses supplying products and services into this market to partner with the AIDGC in bringing those products and services to the attention of both Member Consultants, for their information, and to the clients of AIDGC members.

This enables AIDGC members to keep up to date with what safety products are available in order to properly advise their clients and also assists Corporate Members in displaying their products to the very specific Market that the AIDGC operates in.[/advtext]

The AIDGC offers two opportunities to participate with the Institute.

1. AIDGC Corporate Members
Benefits include:-
  • Editorial of maximum 250 words in AIDGC Newsletter.
  • Organisation name and contact telephone number listed in each edition of the AIDGC Newsletter.
  • Two nominated employees entitled to attend AIDGC Annual Conference & lunch free of charge – additional employees at normal rates.
  • Two nominated employees to attend seminars or site visits at 50% non-member charge.
  • Two nominated employees to receive Newsletter, ‘What’s Happening’ each month.
  • Hyperlink from AIDGC Website to your website.
  • Discounted advertising in AIDGC Newsletter.
  • AIDGC Corporate Membership Certificate for display at your premises.
  • Opportunity to display products and promotional material at the annual Conference and Workshops subject to available nil charged space and discretion of AIDGC. ( Additional Display costs to be met by Corporate Member.)
  • Name and Logo featured on promo slides for Morning tea/Lunch breaks.
  • Promotional material included in Delegate handouts.
  • The annual Corporate membership fee is $2500 incl GST per annum.
2. AIDGC Corporate Sponsors
  • Corporate Sponsors are organisations that wish to support the AIDGC in relation to an AIDGC Event. (eg. Workshop, seminar or conference).
  • Typically Corporate Sponsors support the running of an event by means of a financial contribution for that event only.
Benefits to Corporate Sponsors include:
  • Opportunity to provide promotional material ( eg. Flyers and brochures in satchels to delegates) at the event at the discretion of AIDGC.
  • Opportunity to display products at the event. Display costs to be met by Corporate Sponsor.)
  • Editorial of maximum 250 words in AIDGC Newsletter immediately preceding the event.
  • Organisation name and contact telephone number listed in the AIDGC Newsletter immediately preceding the event.
  • Two nominated employees entitled to attend sponsored AIDGC event free of charge – additional sponsor employees at normal rates.
  • The Corporate Sponsorship Annual Conference fee is:
  • Gold Sponsor – by negotiation with AIDGC
  • Silver Sponsor – $1200 ex GST + Display costs to be met by Corporate Sponsor
  • The Corporate Sponsorship Annual Workshop fee is:
  • Gold Sponsor – by negotiation with AIDGC
  • Silver Sponsor – $600 ex GST + Display costs to be met by Corporate Sponsor
  • The Corporate Sponsorship Seminar / Webinar fee is:
  • Gold Sponsor – by negotiation with AIDGC
  • Silver Sponsor – by negotiation with AIDGC + Display costs to be met by Corporate Sponsor

To Become a Corporate Sponsor please download the attached application form download here
Applications for admission in either of the positions available are required to be addressed to the Membership Officer for approval by the

On acceptance an Official Certificate will be forwarded to the successful Applicants.

We look forward to partnering with business colleagues with a similar view to making the Hazardous Chemicals Industry a safer place for all.

Current Corporate Member List | @EPA_NSW
Report pollution and environmental incidents 131 555 (NSW only) or +61 2 9995 5555

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is excited to become a corporate member of the AIDGC. We are looking forward to being part of this peak professional dangerous goods body to help us build and maintain our expertise in dangerous goods matters. This will help us deliver on our commitment to protect the environment and people of NSW.

The EPA and SafeWork NSW are jointly appointed as competent authorities for the land transport of dangerous goods in NSW. The EPA regulates the road and rail transport of dangerous goods under the Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) Act 2008. The EPA works with other regulators for road and rail transport, including the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator and NSW Police to collectively make sure dangerous goods transport is appropriately regulated in NSW. As part of this, we carry out regular audits of dangerous goods transport to make sure compliance with the legislation.

It is important the EPA is aware of current and emerging dangerous goods matters. This will allow us to effectively work with dangerous goods stakeholders to create positive outcomes for the environment and human health. We are keen to take advantage of the benefits of being an AIDGC member to help us achieve this goal.



Celebrating 30 years in business this month, STOREMASTA® is the leading manufacturer of dangerous goods storage equipment in Australia.

From our manufacturing facility located in Burnie, Tasmania, we design, engineer, manufacture and sell a comprehensive range of solutions for all workplaces across all industries.

We work with our customers and the dangerous goods industry to provide cutting-edge storage solutions that increase chemical safety and workplace efficiencies. Some of our latest innovations including our lithium-ion battery charging and storage cabinets, and our 20ft and 10ft relocatable dangerous goods containers.

Locally designed and made, in full conformance with Australian Standards, our range of dangerous goods storage equipment includes hundreds of products across categories such as indoor and outdoor chemical storage, bunding, lubrication stations, gas and aerosol storage, temperature-controlled storage and more.

Connect with us by calling 1300 134 223 or email our team at You can also join us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Spill Station


Gavan Duff
National Sales and Service Manager
Spill Station Australia

Mob: +61 (0) 409 058 705
Ph: 1300 664 266

Spill Station Australia Pty Ltd is the manufacturer and master distributor for a range of brands centred around providing solutions for environment, health, and safety (EHS) issues faced by all sectors of Government & Industry.

With years of experience and product testing, Spill Station Australia identified the need for a comprehensive, but uniform, spill response system and solution that can be deployed when dealing with spills in and around the workplace. Based on ever changing demands in the marketplace, Spill Station Australia has led with an innovative approach to expand its product portfolio to meet industry requirements in both Australia and Internationally.

When we think about a spill, such as a chemical spill, it can be considered an environmental hazard. If that same substance is splashed onto a walkway or into an operators face it becomes a health and safety issue. Regardless of how you categorise it, rapid response is critical. It might start as an environmental issue but it can move quickly to a health and safety issue and this is where our system/solution approach “kicks in” for our customers. Anywhere from spill control to minor storage of dangerous goods, to plumbed or gravity fed safety shower and eye was units that are designed to work in all climates, Spill Station Australia has a solution to meet the vast majority of Industry needs.

Spill Station’s ability to constantly evolve and expand the range of solutions available continues to support our position as market leader in this dynamic marketplace.

Hazardous Material Storage Solutions

Nick Goble
Hazardous Material Storage Solutions Pty Ltd | Mob. – 0410 325 796

Standard flammable liquid cabinets provide ten minutes of protection from heat and flames, which was suitable when laboratories and factories were housed in low-level buildings; this is not the reality of laboratories today. Ten minutes may not be enough time for laboratories in high-rise facilities to get everyone out safely. It is certainly not adequate time for first responders to control the fire before it escalates, increasing the potential of irreparable damage to buildings, equipment, documents, and more.

The asecos range of high-quality, innovative hazardous material storage cabinets, which meet both Australian and European standards, are internationally recognised as the benchmark products for safe and approved storage of hazardous material. Most importantly, the standard asecos cabinet provides up to ninety minutes of protection, which could save your life, buildings, and the work your organisation is built on.

Asecos cabinets are independently and type-tested certified cabinets according to EN14470-1/2. Whether you are part of a lab research team in a university or medical institute, involved in the commercial sector, mining, oil, and gas, you can be confident that your hazardous materials are stored safely to avoid accidents.

Hazardous Material Storage Solutions (Hazmatss) is the Australian and New Zealand supplier of the asecos range of high-quality, innovative hazardous material storage cabinets, including Flammable, Corrosive, and recently, Lithium Battery Charging and Storage.

Our experienced team members bring together a range of skills to ensure that you can be confident that your choice of an asecos product is suitable for the application.

Karen Shetty – Marketing Coordinator                                      Ph: 1800 888 714                                                                                  Mob: +61412045906                                                                            E-mail:                                                                Web:   

Together with the AIDGC, we look forward to making significant strides towards our mutual goal: to ensure that workplaces managing hazardous materials do so with the highest levels of safety and diligence.

We’re dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet current industry standards but set new benchmarks for safety and efficiency. Our team is constantly researching, developing, and testing new products to expand our comprehensive range of safety equipment.

At Trafalgar Safety, we pride ourselves on our Australian-made heritage, with every system expertly manufactured at our South Granville, New South Wales facilities. Our commitment to the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability – supported by our ISO certifications –   reflects our dedication to supporting the Australian economy and workforce, while providing unparalleled safety solutions across various sectors.

We cater to the critical needs of industries such as construction, mining, energy, food and beverage, scientific research, defence, transportation, equipment repair, and manufacturing. Our expertise lies in developing and customising products that ensure not only the safe storage and transportation of hazardous materials, but also maintaining operational efficiency thereby safeguarding workplaces.

As a proud member of the AIDGC, Trafalgar Safety supports the commitment to promoting safety and compliance in the handling of dangerous goods. This underscores our dedication to not only meeting but exceeding industry safety standards, to provide solutions that are both innovative and compliant with the latest safety regulations.

We look forwards to sharing further updates on our pioneering safety solutions that protect people, property, and the environment.

Gexcon is a world-leading company in the field of safety and risk management and advanced engineering analysis, as such we regularly work on projects involving the dangerous goods industry.

Since the 1970s, Gexcon has been involved in numerous research projects to understand gas and dust explosion phenomena. As a result, we have acquired vast knowledge and comprehension within the area, which allows us to use them to support our clients worldwide.

Gexcon (an acronym for Global explosion consultants) was founded in 1987 as a consulting brand of Christian Michelsen Institute. In 1998, Gexcon was established as a company providing advanced safety engineering software, consulting and fire and explosion testing services.

Gexcon offers a full spectrum of safety studies for various industries. Our consultants have experience working with different facilities and from all parts of the facility life cycle. We are also expert users of Gexcon’s advanced engineering software and can advise the appropriate tools for a client’s safety study.

Gexcon have grown into a comprehensive process safety solutions provider, supporting our clients through:

  • Advanced engineering software
  • Expert consulting services
  • Fire and explosion testing services
  • Courses and training
  • Our solutions are applicable to a wide range of industries, including but not limited to the following.
  • com
  • Oil and gas
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  • Power generation
  • Renewable energy
  • Mining
  • Nuclear
  • Chemical
  • Automotive
  • Defense and space
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mechanical/ industrial engineering
  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Homeland security

For specific technical advice relating to dangerous goods management, please contact the appropriately qualified AIDGC consultant.