Study Grants

Applications are open for the AIDGC Study Grant Scheme, providing cash payments of $1,000 each per successful applicant. The intention of the grant is encourage applicants to undertake and complete a specific project relating to dangerous goods matters. The grant scheme is part of an AIDGC strategy to develop improved approaches to learning and to encourage best practice and innovation in dangerous goods matters.

Eligible projects for the Study Grant Scheme may be drawn from a list of available projects nominated by the Board of the AIDGC, or, alternatively a study topic may be proposed by the applicant in accordance with their personal preference, for the endorsement of the AIDGC Board.

Applicants for a grant may be:
  • an existing Associate Member of the AIDGC, or
  • any person who is not an AIDGC member but who has an interest in contributing to the aims and objectives of the AIDGC in promoting knowledge of dangerous goods safety.
Applicants must acknowledge and agree to be bound by the conditions of the scheme, that include:
  • all study topics are to be related to dangerous goods safety matters and to generally align with the interests of both AIDGC members and the community
  • their agreement to the publication of all study project findings (with due recognition to the author of the article) in a form that is available for the use of AIDGC Members
  • completing the agreed project within the proposed time frame and in accordance with the approved parameters (or alternatively those as further varied and agreed by the AIDGC Board)
  • the Board of the AIDGC reserves the right to not accept any or all of the applications without explanation.

Applications are to be lodged using the Study Grant Application Form.

The AIDGC Board will determine the successful grant recipients and reserves the right not to grant any award in the event that the terms and conditions of the proposed study topic are not consistent with those described on this page.

Remittance of payment will be on terms mutually agreed in writing prior to acceptance of the offer of a grant.

In addition to the cash payment, successful applicants for a grant who complete the specified project, will, if they are not already an Associate Member of the AIDGC, be offered Associate Membership of our Institute on the same terms as existing Associate Members but with their first year’s fees waived.

Any successful applicant who is already an Associate Member of the Institute will receive credit towards the qualifying process for Full Membership.