Our Board

The Australasian Institute of Dangerous goods Consultants is run by a Board consisting of elected members.

Board Members for 2017/2018 are:

Name Position
Renton Parker President
Peter Hunt Vice-President
Christopher Flannery Vice-President
Frank Mendham Secretary/Treasurer
Leonard Gawecki Committee Member
Joe Rodgers-Falk Committee Member
Scott Young Committee Member
Delene Kock Committee Member
Michael Jarvin Committee Member

There are also a number of sub-boards that assist the Board and which are chaired by Board Members as follows:

Sub-Board Chair Committee
Finance Frank Mendham Gwenda Lister
Technical Peter Hunt Raghu Raman and Rick Hall
Competency Assessment Ross Underwood Board
Marketing Scott Young Sarah Brown / Maria Silk Young / Mark Taimre
Conference Peter Hunt & Frank Mendham Michelle Stromquist
Victoria Peter Hunt TBA
Queensland Delene Kock Kevin Blackie

Past Presidents

Year President
2002/2003 Christopher Flannery
2003/2004 Christopher Flannery
2004/2005 Christopher Flannery
2005/2006 Richard Hall
2006/2007 Richard Hall
2007/2008 Richard Hall
2008/2009 W.V.Peter Hunt
2009/2010 W.V.Peter Hunt
2010/2011 W.V.Peter Hunt
2011/2012 Leonard Gawecki
2012/2013 Leonard Gawecki
2013/2104 Leonard Gawecki
2014/2015 Scott Young
2015/2016 Scott Young
2016/2017 Scott Young
 2017/2018  Renton Parker