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AIDGC Membership Package

Membership payment process

AIDGC is moving to online processing of membership registration.  If you have any issues or wish to talk to someone about the process, please email

Upon completion of the payment you will be directed to a page to register your access to the website content based on your AIDGC membership which follows the standard registration approval process.

Please use the PayPal invoice as your tax Invoice for GST purposes.

AIDGC’s fee structure

  • recognises that members outside Sydney are not as easily able to attend the annual conference (as required by By-Law
  • provides an incentive for younger members to join and also for their employers to support them

Fees for 2020-2021 (all GST inclusive)

A. Members and Associates (less than 80km from Sydney):

  • Pay fee $660 (includes conference):

B. Members and Associates (elsewhere):

  • Pay fee $380 (without conference):
  • Pay fee $660 (including conference):

C. Student (if aged less than 25 years at 1st of July or full-time student):

  • Pay fee $50 (without conference):
  • Pay fee $280 (including conference):

D. Retired Members:

  • Renew $0 (without conference)
  • Pay fee $230 (including conference):

E. Honorary Members:

  • Renew $0 (includes conference)

F. Fellows (less than 80km from Sydney):

  • Pay fee $805 (includes conference):

G. Fellows (elsewhere):

  • Pay fee $525 (without conference):
  • Pay fee $805 (including conference):

What are the membership benefits?

Membership benefits vary depending on the level of membership. These are described below:

Fellow (FAIDGC)

  1. Current ‘Member Level membership of the AIDGC; or In exceptional circumstances only, individuals may be nominated through the Board of Directors;
  2. Significant individual responsibility and exceptional contribution to the dangerous goods consultancy field over an extended period of time, not normally less than 15 years;
  3. Two referees currently holding an AIDGC Fellow grade of membership or allied industry Fellow grade (e.g. FIFireE, FIChemE, FIE, etc) (Also see Item 1)
  4. A valuable contribution to your industry and may include training or mentoring AIDGC associates, or non-AIDGC individuals , attendance at professional meetings, regional activities, work on committees, research, etc.


Benefits to Corporate Members include:

  • Editorial of maximum 250 words in AIDGC Newsletter
  • Organisation name and contact telephone number listed in each edition of the AIDGC Newsletter.
  • Two nominated employees entitled to attend AIDGC Annual Conference free of charge – additional employees at normal rates.
  • Two nominated employees to attend seminars and site visits free of charge
  • Two nominated employees to receive Newsletter, ‘What’s Happening’ each month
  • Hyperlink from AIDGC Website to your website
  • Preferred Supplier’ listing on AIDGC Website
  • Discounted advertising in AIDGC Newsletter
  • AIDGC presentation plaque for display at your premises